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Invest in our window security screens, specifically designed for businesses in Grand Prairie, TX, and the North Texas region. You’ll find unmatched protection, energy efficiency, and style that contributes to your business’ aesthetic appeal. Make the smart choice for security today.

Secure and Protect Your Business in Grand Prairie, TX & Surrounding Areas, With Window Security Screens

Does your business in Grand Prairie, TX, and surrounding areas of North Texas demand fortified protection? Say goodbye to unsightly burglar bars and unprotected glass windows. Embrace Trend Security Screens, your leading provider of top-quality window security screens.

Made with high-grade stainless steel, our commercial security screens are an ideal replacement for traditional burglar bars that only protect part of your windows. Unlike these bars, our screens provide a comprehensive safeguard for your windows, ensuring the glass is also shielded from break-in attempts.

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Revolutionize Your Security and Energy Efficiency

What if you could get two major benefits from one product? Our window security screens aren’t just robust, they double as solar screens too. They help to block out the heat of the sun, reducing your cooling costs and keeping your premises comfortable. With our professional and experienced team, we offer swift and seamless installation of commercial screen doors and commercial window screens. Whether you own a restaurant, retail store, or office, our service is tailored to suit your specific needs.

At Trend Security Screens, we also supply and install Tapco security screens, renowned for their superior strength and durability. Experience the best in commercial security with these burglar-proof window screens.

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Take the first step in enhancing the security and energy efficiency of your business in Grand Prairie, TX, and the greater North Texas area. Get in touch with us at Trend Security Screens today, and see how our window security screens can revolutionize your business safety and sustainability. Secure your peace of mind. Act now.

100 Window Security Screen

300 Screen w SPR and Bitlock

450 Door Handle set and deadbolt (5 27 21)

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We offer flexible financing options to make the installation of your commercial security screens more affordable. Secure your business today, and worry less about costs.

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