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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the process if I am interested in purchasing security screens?

    If you are interested in purchasing security screens, we will ask you to provide us with the approximate sizes of the windows and doors where you want to install the screens. Along with the sizes, we will also need pictures of the windows and doors to assess the labor required for installation. With this information, we can give you a rough estimate. If you are satisfied with the rough pricing, we will schedule a time to come out and measure your project accurately. Once we have the measurements, we can provide you with a firm proposal.

  • What are your security screens made of?

    Our security screens are made with heavy-duty aluminum frames and stainless steel mesh. The entire screen is powder-coated for added durability.

  • Are TAPCO security screens made in standard sizes?

    No, all of our screens are custom-made to fit your specific windows and doors.

  • How long does it take to get my TAPCO screens after I order them?

    Currently, there is approximately a 10-week lead time to have the screens delivered to our office.

  • Do security screen orders require a deposit if TSS is installing the screens?

    Yes, all security screen orders that we install require a minimum 50% deposit, and the remaining balance will be due upon completion.

  • If TSS is not installing the screens, what kind of deposit is required when I order?

    A minimum of a 50% deposit is required for all orders. If you choose to pick up your order from our Grand Prairie location, the remaining balance will be due upon pick-up. If we are drop-shipping the order to you, the remaining balance must be paid before the order can be shipped.

  • Can I install the security screens myself?

    Yes, you have the option to install the security screens yourself if you prefer.

  • If I live too far away from TSS, how can I order the security screens?

    If you are located too far away, you can still place an order by calling us at 972-438-8724. You will be responsible for measuring your windows and doors, and we will provide guidance on how to measure and which screens are suitable for each location. We are also working on providing written instructions for installing the screens.

  • Do your security screens connect to my alarm?

    No, our security screens are not connected to the alarm system. Our screens serve as active protection, preventing intruders from accessing your windows and doors. An alarm system typically alerts you after a break-in has occurred. However, screens connected to alarms are available and designed to trigger the alarm if the screen is tampered with. The TAPCO screens we offer are securely attached to the structure, and the stainless steel mesh cannot be easily cut without specialized tools.

  • Can you open TAPCO security screens in case of a fire?

    For windows required for egress during a fire, we use operating screens. These screens can be opened from the inside using the EZ-Open/SPR-200 latch, providing a safe exit.

  • How can I clean my windows after security screens are installed?

    For windows that open, we use SPR locks or Bit-Locks. These locks allow the screens to be opened for easy access to clean the glass.

  • What is an EZ-Open/SPR-200 lock?

    EZ-Open/SPR-200 locks are ADA (American Disability Act) approved locks used on screens that open from the inside. They have a handle that requires minimal force to unlock, releasing rods at the top and bottom of the screen. This is known as a single-point release lock.

  • What colors are available for the screen frame?

    The frame color options include Almond, Anodized, Charcoal Grey, Bronze, Black, Mill, and White. We also offer custom colors upon request.

  • What is the most popular screen mesh chosen by customers?

    Most people opt for the .035″ SST (stainless steel) screen mesh in the black finish.

  • What type of material is used to paint Tapco's security screens?

    All screen frames and screen mesh are powder coated for a durable and long-lasting finish.

  • What prevents burglars from removing the screws to take off the screens?

    Tapco utilizes “screw covers,” which are aluminum strips inserted into special channels on the screen to cover the screws. These screw covers are installed in a way that makes them nearly impossible to remove.

  • Do you have a way to protect my doors?

    Yes, we offer security screen doors for single doors, French/Twin doors, and patio sliding doors, providing comprehensive protection.

  • My windows have divided lites, can I get screens with divided lites?

    Yes, we offer both standard and custom lite patterns to accommodate windows with divided lites.

  • What is the maximum size for a single door?

    Single doors can be made up to 48″ wide by 108-1/2″ tall.

  • What makes the doors so secure?

    Our 450 series doors feature key deadbolts at the top, middle, and bottom of the door. These deadbolts can be engaged from the inside using the thumb latch. Additionally, our security screen doors open to the outside, which provides an added layer of security. In residential homes, exterior doors typically open to the inside, making them more vulnerable to forced entry.

  • Which window security screen should I choose if I am concerned about glass breakage?

    The 100 series screens are ideal for addressing concerns about glass breakage. These screens feature .028″ diameter SST wire mesh, providing excellent protection against golf balls or other objects that may cause damage. The 100 series is also commonly used for screened-in patios due to its durability.

  • Do Tapco screens offer solar protection?

    Yes, the .035″ SST wire used in our screens blocks up to 66% of heat transfer and 68% of ultraviolet rays. The 100 series screens offer less solar protection since they use .028″ diameter SST wire, which has a smaller diameter than the .035″ wire.

  • Is TSS (Trend Security Screens) owned by Irving Trend Builders?

    Yes, TSS is a division of Irving Trend Builders, Inc.

  • Who manufactures the TSS screens?

    TSS screens are manufactured by TAPCO Screens, based in Mississippi.

  • Is TSS an authorized distributor of TAPCO screens?

    Yes, we are the only authorized distributor of TAPCO screens in North Texas.

  • Can TSS measure for my TAPCO screens?

    Yes, we can provide measuring services within a limited radius of the DFW metroplex.

  • Can TSS install my TAPCO screens?

    Absolutely! TSS is equipped to install all TAPCO products.

  • How long have Trend Builders been in business?

    Trend Builders has been remodeling in the DFW area since 1977. We incorporated as Irving Trend Builders, Inc., in 1990, and later established the Trend Security Screens division.

  • When did you start the security screen part of your business?

    We began selling TAPCO security screens in 2012, expanding our services to include comprehensive security solutions.

  • Does Trend Security Screens offer any payment plans or financing?

    Yes, we have partnered with Acorn to offer various payment options and financing plans.

  • Can I get a discount on my insurance by installing Tapco Screens?

    Some insurance companies may offer discounts for installing Tapco Screens, but it is best to check with your insurance provider for specific details. The Texas Department of Insurance has accepted the use of Tapco Screens in designated catastrophe areas along the Texas Gulf Coast, as long as they are installed according to the approved product evaluation report and design drawings.

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